Photo of artisan breads on display at The Stone Oven
3 photos of artisan breads and bakery at The Stone Oven

Artisan Breads

The Stone Oven started as a European bread bakery and continues to provide hand-shaped loaves to Cleveland’s discriminating restaurateurs.

All Stone Oven breads are baked fresh daily in a stone-lined oven and are made with only natural ingredients – no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

The following are some of the breads we offer.

• Pugliese – Traditional crusty Italian
• Siciliano – Semolina Flour
• Miller Multigrain – Nine grain
• Challah (plain or raisin)
• San Francisco Sourdough
• Asiago Cheese
• Potato Rosemary and Garlic
• Walnut Raisin
• Whole Wheat Pugliese
• Whole Wheat Sourdough w/ sunflower seeds

Our hearth-baked breads are available at our Cleveland Heights and Woodmere stores.

Photo of loaves of bread

Wholesale Bread Inquiries
For wholesale bread inquiries, please contact us by phone or email:
(216) 881-3054
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